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Från PATROL hemsidan :

Our story starts back in 1964 with just a single retail store. Our founders quickly became the authority in cycling and it wasn’t long before eager cyclists were flocking to visit them. As we gained experience we started to look at bikes on offer and realized we could do better. Soon after we moved our focus to manufacturing bikes at our own factories across Asia.

The next 4 decades were spent focusing on no-compromise design and finally, in 2013 we launched a new company. 2013 marked the start of a new chapter and the birth of Patrol, our flagship brand committed to producing top-end mountain bikes.

Over the past 6 years, Patrol has made a name for itself at home and abroad both in the market place and on the WC Downhill Race circuit with the FS-Patrol-Funn downhill team back in 2017. Today, Patrol continues to work with European designers, professional riders, and factories to produce the ultimate race-ready trail and enduro bikes.

For 2020 we have adopted new Super Boost and Shimano MicroSpline technologies and launched a range of Shimano Steps powered e-MTBs with integrated battery for improved handling.

Patrol remains one of Indonesia's leading mountain bike brands, and will soon extend that reach to North America and Europe.

Prislista Sverige 2020 :

691 : 30500 sek

691S : 38000 sek

591 : 28550 sek

591S : 36200 sek

E-Zero : 38000 sek

E-ZeroS : 40900 sek

E-Six : 52300 sek

E-SixS :59900 sek

0-20 : 5700 sek

0-16 : 2850 sek